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“We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released.”

                      -- Jean Houston

Music for People

Music for People is a worldwide community dedicated to the belief that all people are inherently musical, creative, and capable of authentic, spontaneous expression. Founded in 1986 by cellist David Darling and flautist Bonnie Insull, the organization is dedicated to music-making and music improvisation as a means of self-expression.


Based on the Humanistic Education model, and David Darling's Bill of Musical Rights, MfP enables holistic music making for people of all ages and levels of experience. Encouraged is an accessible and mindful approach to creative expression through improvisation in a safe, joyful, and nonjudgmental atmosphere. MfP believes music made in this way is a powerful path to personal and social transformation, artistic freedom, and community building. Music improvisation focusing on play and inclusivity perpetuates acceptance and positive understanding between people.

Musicianship - Leadership Program

David directs the Musicianship Track in this three-year program of advanced training in improvisational musicianship and group facilitation. Recommended for musicians of all levels, educators, music-lovers, facilitators, therapists, and healing practitioners, this program features:


  • Development of deep listening, mindfulness and creativity

  • Universal techniques of music improvisation

  • Personalized training with expert mentors

  • Access to a global community

  • Spontaneous composition and improvisation recorded assignments

  • Music, movement and creative play leading to a community musical experience

  • Certificate earned upon completion of each level

The Art of Improvisation week-long summer workshop given by Music for People and SUNY Fredonia is an exploration of free improvisation in an environment that is energetic, humorous and open-minded. AOI is for trained musicians, singers or for anyone who “wished they played,” “used to play,” or were told they “couldn’t” sing or play an instrument. This course operates on the belief that everyone is musical and that everyone who can move and breathe can improvise. Improvisation is a unique and positive way for individuals to express their inner emotions in an outer way and begin to know themselves as creators. Improvisation games are used to awaken childlike curiosity, movement exercises to encourage freedom, and spontaneous ensemble performances with musical instruments and voice to give each participant a chance to share music, song, poetry, movement and pure inspiration. The voice is viewed as the original instrument and all others ones are just sound making objects, not technical problems to confront. Dr. David Rudge, and the staff from Music for People are the teachers/facilitators.

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